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Karen Barnett
Director, Montville Coffee

Robyn has perfectly captured what is important and unique about our business and we are able to use this video in a multitude of ways to tell our story to our networks and our customers.

I cannot recommend Robyn and John enough as a professional team. We will certainly be working with them again. 

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Colin Graham
Director, Causeway Innovation Pty Ltd

This series provides a strong base of real examples to show how people can make a living and make a difference in the regional community. These videos are also useful to promote the region and to help new arrivals to get to begin to get to know a wide range of helpful people in the community.

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Meera Miller
Owner Buzz Career Counselling

Robyn and John make you feel very 'at home' which is fantastic because this means you just get to be yourself. This makes Stories from the Red Couch such a unique opportunity to showcase who you are rather than what service you offer.

It is a chance for my current and future clients to see who I really am as a person and Robyn has such an amazing talent to bring out the 'why' in what you do on a personal level.

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People do not buy goods and services.
They buy relations, stories and magic.
— Seth Godin

about you

Give your clients a real encounter with you through the medium of
video. Client can see and hear your story any time of the day or night,
enabling them to see your genuine desire to solve their problems.

Robyn Cook is a skilled and empathetic interviewer.
Stories from the Red Couch provides a relaxed environment giving
you the opportunity to create authentic content for your website and
social media campaigns.

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share your story


It is a chance for my current and future clients to see who I really am as a person and Robyn has such an amazing talent to bring out the 'why' in what you do on a personal level.

Meera Miller
Buzz Career Consulting


Your story - your work - your business - $750.00

$750.00 for 20 minute Stories from the Red Couch. Share to your social media, embed in your website, shared to our social media. Product placement, website and other contact details displayed within the first 30secs.

Your integrity and authenticity are central to your business and are what customers buy when they engage your services or purchase your products. Let Robyn draw out your ‘why’, showing your customers the humanity and passion behind your work.

Book your seat on the Red Couch to share the ‘you’ behind your work in business. We explore the love, the story, the ‘you’ behind your product or service, presenting your voice as a leader in your field.

Add a package to your 20 minute Red Couch to include 1 or 2 minute piece to camera and headshots, inclusion of your B-roll footage.
Call for pricing.

Studio location

Our delightful open verandah studio is in Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in sub-tropical Queensland, surrounded by bird song, fresh air and a beautiful forest backdrop. Because we are somewhat exposed to the outdoors, there are times when we need to take a weather check so being flexible is important. Watch a couple of episodes to get the feel of our studio setting.

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about us


John and I started Stories from the Red Couch from a cluster of circumstances in July 2017. Our younger son Matt wanted to create a live-stream video, the Red Couch came from my sister Sue and her husband Dave who were disencumbering their lives to become world-travelling house-sitters, and I love sharing stories and am fascinated by how people on the Sunshine Coast create their own employment.

Maroochy River 2000

Maroochy River 2000

Like many others, John and I have had kaleidoscopic careers. We started Queensland’s first stock photo library in 1983 and saw first hand how digital technology turned our industry inside out. We reinvented ourselves and lived at Pincushion Caravan Park at the mouth of the gorgeous Maroochy River for 12 months to write and photograph The Holiday Lifestyle Cookbook, self-published in September 2001. Although we had no experience in book writing, publishing or sales we sold over 10,000 copies and the book was featured nationally on television and in the print media.

My work since then includes six years talking about food and frugality on ABC Sunshine Coast, food and travel writer for Caravan and Motorhome magazine, working with farmers and backyard food growers with Nutri-Tech Solutions, Garden Teacher at Chevallum School and Queensland Project and Training team member with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme. My other business is The Kitchen Garden Teacher.

John is a professional photographer with over 35 years experience and works with self-publishing authors, taking their manuscripts and making them into books. He has produced books for many Sunshine Coast authors including local garden gurus Leonie Shanahan & Janet Millington, and Zen Thai Shiatsu teacher, Gwyn Williams. 

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I am currently on the management board of the Old Ambulance Station in Nambour where Matt and I have co-created the Ambo Media Makers; a live-stream and recording audio and video studio. Our older son Lewis is an Apple Service Technician and so is our tech support for anything technical.

On Stories from the Red Couch, John manages the lights, cameras, audio, editing and purchasing the sparkling wine.
Matt is our editing backup, our ‘love-sponge’ cat Lucy chooses to join us, takes any opportunity for pats and loves our growing collection of cushions. I love story-telling and being a shameless ‘media tart’, and am always curious about people and their stories.

During the 12 months of creating our cookbook there was a quote, attributed to Goethe, on a little postcard inside our caravan home office which said ‘Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it’. Even when I didn’t know what on earth we were doing or where it would lead, I took strength from our boldness (or naïvety!) and kept going. I still hold that quote close to my heart and I think it might be a trait amongst others who were drawn here to become Sunshine Coast locals.

Watch a few Stories from the Red Couch and meet some of our talented, generous and interesting Sunshine Coast locals.

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